PMKVY Jobs Role List

PMKVY Jobs Role List

PMKVY (Prime Minister) Agriculture Sector Skill Council Franchise of India

 PMKVY (Prime Minister) Agriculture Sector Skill Council of India

India is country where many crops are being grown .The Agriculture is considered as one of the most important profession here. Many people depend on Agriculture for obtaining their living. Even these days organic cultivation is in high demand. Certain steps have been taken by the Farmers to promote the organic cultivation. Keeping this in eye government has introduced a new scheme where the farmers are been thought new ideas and under this scheme we has also shown them the path which are the career scope in this Agriculture.

India is also known for its largest producing, consuming and exporting quantity of various spices and spice products. It ranks third in farm and agriculture outputs. Agricultural export constitutes 10 per cent of the country exports and is the fourth-largest exported principal commodity. The agro industry in India is divided into several sub segments such as canned, dairy, processed, frozen food to fisheries, meat, poultry, and food grains.


Agriculture Sector Skill Council Job Role Offered as follow  

People in Agriculture department also get the opportunity to work as an agriculture Extension Executive


  1. One can work as an agriculture Extension Service Provider
  2. One can get into the work of Animal Health
  3. Certain technical labs can be opened for Artificial Insemination
  4. one can become Bamboo Grower also
  5. one of the famous and demanded farm i.e. Banana Farmer Level 4
  6. Can work as a Bee Keeper
  7. Can work as Broiler Farm Worker
  8. One can work as Bulb Crop Cultivator Level 4
  9. One can get into the cultivation of Chilies
  10. One can get into the cultivation of certain types of Citrus Fruit
  11. Can get into coffee plantation
  12. One can get into the work of Community Service Provider
  13. 14.One can get into the work of Cotton Cultivator
  14. One can get into the work of Dairy Farmer Dairy worker
  15. One can get into the work of Floriculturist Open Cultivation Level 4
  16. Floriculturist Protected Cultivation Level 4
  17. Friends of Coconut Tree
  18. Gardener Level 4
  19. One can get into the work of Green House Fitter
  20. One can get into the work of Quality Seed
  21. One can get into the work of Supply Chain Field Assistant


So this we Indian can learn via PMKVY launched by our honorable Prime Minister. Under this scheme certain sector has been covered so that India will become a prosperous country .The youth of our nation will have certain respects to grow via different channels such as IT, Agriculture, Gems and jewelers and many more.

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