The mission of JRVIDHYAPEETH  is to provide quality education ,creative skills and instils in them a professional attitude so that they emerge as highly successful professionals . JRVIDHYAPEETH is committed to foster leadership quality amongst its students.

 The JRVIDHYAPEETH is founded on four main pillars : 

To take potential minds and propel them towards greatness To explore and expand the human knowledge base 

Todeepen the understanding of the human condition ,fostering unversal values while being rooted in the India experience 

To do public good , and benefit society and the country as a whole 


To develop responsibility commitment and professionabal ethics in students so that they rise high above others professionally .

To encourage creative and practical thinking so that they make lasting contribution to all the disciplines .

To provide cost effective & quality education at par with the best country .

To provide well -experienced & dedicated faculty for benefit of student 


North East Frontier Technical University is dedicated to chisel the Student with Futuristic Quality Education on par with Global Standards ,Yet Ethically strong ,entwined with Values and Discipline and to build mutual Reputation through the Smart Students who in turn will improve the Quality of life Globally. 

At the jrvidhyapeeth ,We believe that the journey to discovering the answer to the question ,"Who am I ? is a noble pursuit . We seek to be the cutting - edge of all fields that we teach, and from there ,push the boundaries forward .